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Omnifit Labware Bubble Traps from Diba Industries
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· Effective in-line removal of bubbles from aqueous solutions
· Up to 6 ml/min (standard version) or 60 ml/min (high flow version) flow rate
· Quick in-line connection with minimal maintenance

The Omnifit® Labware bubble traps provide an effective way to remove bubbles from aqueous solutions. They are connected in-line, downstream of a pump, using ¼"-28 UNF threaded fittings, such as Dibafit Omni-Lok™.

Operation - When the fluid containing bubbles flows through the unit, aqueous fluid is retained, while bubbles are forced through a microporous hydrophobic PTFE membrane. Since the membrane function depends on its hydrophobicity, the bubble traps are only suitable for use in aqueous systems and NOT with organic solvents.

The HF bubble trap (high flow) comes with a vacuum port on the atmosphere (dry) side of the membrane. When vacuum is applied, the difference in pressure between the system and atmosphere side increases, causing bubbles to be sucked out of the liquid, and permitting increased liquid flow. Note: the vacuum line does not draw liquid through the trap under pressure. Its function is to accelerate the bubble removal across the membrane from the system (wet) side to the atmosphere (dry) side. The HF bubble trap will also work as a stand-alone unit without a vacuum pump.

Flow rate - The maximum flow rate is dependent on the amount of bubbles within the liquid. The typical operating range is 0.5 to 2.0 ml/min. When only few bubbles are present, flow rates of up to 6 ml/min are possible. Up to 60 ml/min can be achieved for the HF bubble trap when a vacuum line is used.
Omnifit Labware Bubble Traps
For both models, the maximum differential pressure that the membrane can be exposed to is 30 psi (2.07 bar). In the HF bubble trap the maximum inlet (positive) pressure is determined by the level of vacuum applied to the dry side of the membrane. For example, if a full vacuum (14.5 psi/1 bar) was applied to the dry side, the maximum inlet pressure would be 15.5 psi (1.07 bar).

Bubbles are removed by positive pressure. It is NOT possible to pull the medium through the trap using a vacuum, as this mode of operation would achieve the opposite – bubbles would be drawn into the medium. In case the system back pressure is insufficient for the unit to function, a length of tube can be fitted on the outlet side to create more back pressure.

Maintenance - Membrane lifetime is strongly dependent on the type of fluid used. For pure water, it may be several months or years. Buffer solutions on the other hand reduce lifetime and it is advisable to flush the unit with de-ionized/distilled water after use, to prevent salt crystals from forming.

 Part No. Description Body Filter Connections
006BT Bubble trap, standard PEEK™ 10 µm PTFE ¼"-28 UNF
006BT-HF High-flow bubble trap, higher flow rates, vacuum PVC 10 µm PTFE ¼"-28 UNF
006BTM Replacement membranes for 006BT, pack of 5 - 10 µm PTFE -
006BT-HFM Replacement membranes for 006BT-HF, pack of 5 - 10 µm PTFE -
For further order and pricing information, please refer to our current price list.

PDF brochure - "Omnifit Labware Laboratory Fluid Handling" PDF: 3,02 MB

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