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 Omnifit Labware Bottle Caps from Diba Industries
 Omnifit Overview  Complete overview of the Dibafit/Omnifit Labware product range from Diba Industries
 Q-Series Caps  Further information on Omnifit Labware Q-series bottle caps (threaded ports)
 T-Series Caps  Further information on Omnifit Labware T-series bottle caps (Luer ports)
 T-Series Waste  Further information on Omnifit Labware T-series waste caps
 Vapor Traps   Further information on Omnifit Labware T-series activated carbon vapor traps
 Accessories  Accessories for Omnifit Labware bottle caps from Diba Industries
 Data Sheet  PDF brochure: Omnifit Labware Bottle Caps - 2.1 MB
 Omnifit Price List    PDF price list - Dibafit/Omnifit Labware
Open solvent bottles bear the risk of spilled chemicals or escaping solvent vapor. Omnifit® Labware bottle caps and accessories help prevent these problems and offer the security of a safe and dependable solvent delivery system. The bottle caps can be either used on the supply side to provide a closed delivery system for the safe intake of solvents or for safe disposal of solvent waste, providing a closed waste system. An optional check valve and filter enables pressure equalization and prevents vapor escape.

What are the benefits of a closed system?

· Safety - closed solvent supply systems prevent vapor leakage
  into the atmosphere, protecting lab staff from exposure to toxic

· Contamination control - prevents ingress of particulates

· Protection of mixing ratios - prevents the evaporation of
  solvent, leading to altered concentration of reagents or ratios
  of mixtures
Where should you use a closed system?

· HPLC - mobile phase handling, both solvent supply and waste

· Fermentation or culture preparations - processes where
  sterile transfer of culture media or addition of reagents to closed
  systems are required

· Laboratories - working in the areas biotechnology, life sciences,
  analytical and clinical chemistry


All Omnifit® Labware bottle caps are equipped with a so-called "anti-twist" feature, allowing the body to spin freely within the cap.

The benefit of this design is that tubes no longer become twisted while the cap is fitted or removed from the bottle. Therefore fluid lines do not have to be disconnected before unscrewing the cap.

The inner body of each Omnifit® Labware bottle cap is made from PTFE, providing the highest chemical inertness. PTFE also creates a reliable seal to the glass bottle with no need for extra seals or O-rings.
Bottle cap with anti-twist design


T-Series with Luer Ports

· Simple and easy-to-use with no need for fitting nuts and ferrules
  (for 1/8" OD semi-rigid tube). Tubing passes straight through the
  cap for a continous fluid path.

· Luer ports take standard male Luer components, including a
  range of accessories for different tubing types and sizes.

· Optional integrated check valve and filter enables pressure
  equalization whilst keeping the system closed and preventing
  particulate contamination or evaporation of expensive or harmful

· An optional Luer connection solvent vapor trap can be used to
  contain/control vapor egress into the environment.

More information: T-series bottle caps
Q-Series with ¼"-28 UNF Threaded Ports

· Optional valves offer easy on/off control of individual fluid lines,
  ideal for selecting flow or for closing off lines prior to removing
  caps to change or refill solvent bottles.

· Robust threaded ports for standard ¼"-28 UNF threaded fitting
  nuts and adaptors enable a secure connection, ideal for repeated

· Optional screw-in check valve and filter accessory enables
  pressure equalization while keeping the system closed and
  preventing both particulate contamination and evaporation of
  expensive or harmful chemicals.

More information: Q-series bottle caps

T-Series Waste Caps

Omnifit® Labware T-series solvent waste caps are designed to suit a variety of common laboratory waste vessels. Due to the fact that waste systems require positive pressure to be applied in pumping waste solvent into the bottle, a vent port is required to allow pressure equalization. In order to control vapor in the environment, released via the vent port, precautions for vapor containment should be taken, such as placing the system in a fume hood or connecting a vapor trapping unit. To control vapor escape:

· A solvent trap (part no. 009CF-TW) should be screw-fitted into the ¼"-28 UNF threaded vent port. As liquid enters the bottle by gravity
  flow or pump, vapor can pass through the trap, equalizing pressure. Dangerous solvent vapor is neutralized by the activated carbon
  contained in the unit.

· The integral break-through detector indicates by a simple color-change when the vapor trap needs to be replaced. Once the active
  medium within the vapor trap has become saturated with solvent, the color change strip turns red.

· Any unused ports must be sealed using a Luer plug (part no. 009LP) to prevent solvent vapor escaping directly into the environment.
  Note: The push-fit nature of the vapor trap and Luer plugs allows only low positive pressure to be applied to prevent Luer connections
  from being loosened.

More information: T-series waste caps


 1. Choose the connection type you require for your fluid lines.
 2. Locate the thread type of the bottle you wish to connect to.
 3. Click on the recommended bottle cap type to receive further information.

 Bottle Thread ¼"-28 UNF Threaded Ports   Straight-Through/Luer Connections   Waste Collection
 GL32 00932Q   00932T    
 GL45 00945Q   00945T   00945TW
 38-430 (glass) 00938Q   00938T   00938TW
 38-430 (plastic) 00938PQ   00938PT    
 S40 00945Q + S40 adaptor   00945T + S40 Adapter    
 53B         00953TW
 83B         00983TW

GL32   GL45   38-430
GL32 thread   GL45 thread   38-430 thread
S40   53B   83B
S40 Gewinde   53B Gewinde   83B Gewinde

ETFE = ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene
PTFE = polytetrafluoroethylene
PEEK™ = polyetheretherketone
PP = polypropylene
PC = polycarbonate
PCTFE = polychlorotrifluoroethylene

PEEK™ is a registered trademark of Victrex plc.
Omnifit® Labware, Omni-Lok™ are registered trademarks of Diba Industries, Inc.

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